Manaseh M-Sree’s Thuthike Paathirar

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Manaseh M-Sree’s Thuthike Paathirar


Type: Audio CD

Artist: Manaseh M-Sree & other leading worshipers of Malaysia

Produced by: Manaseh M-Sree (Nisi I Tech)

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Product Description

Manaseh M-Sree is a skilled Malaysian musician and worshiper. Thuthike Paathirar is his debut album in the year 2016 which consist him and other leading Malaysian worshipers all in one album, making this product an history for the first time in Malaysia!


For the past 25 years, Manaseh M-Sree faithfully obeyed God’s voice and patiently waited for the promise to come to pass. There were undoubtedly frustrations along the way, but the Lord provided some stirring glimpses of His glory to serve as powerful reminders of what was to come.

Manaseh M-Sree experienced the incredible works of God’s hand as a child, received unexplainable blessings as a young adult, but then went through years of painful trials and tests before finally seeing his promise fulfilled.

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Manaseh was first introduced to his signature instrument, the piano/ keyboard, at the age of 13. He would spend hours every day practicing in his family’s small apartment under the guidance of his mother who was a pianist, choir, worship leader and the source of his family’s love of music. Early on, Manaseh gravitated towards church songs and praises – he didn’t have an ear for music but became adept at sight-reading.

That all changed when, at the age of 18.

At the age of 18, Manaseh began traveling with several Gospel groups. He eventually became well known across the country and other country such as New Delhi, India and Singapore for his classical piano, bass, guitar, and drum skills and broke out on his own. Throughout his teen years, Manaseh performed in a diverse collection of venues alongside an equally diverse cast of characters.

Along the way, Manaseh found significant opportunities sharing the stage with notable ministers such as Bro Simon Fernandez (Iraiva) and Pastor Jason Philip. He also developed friendships and professional relationship with them.

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