Why we are being tempted?

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.” Matthew 4:1

In the book of James it is written that temptation does not comes from God. Yes! Exactly. But In this verse above, Saint Matthew wrote that, “Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.” Now, note this clearly. The Spirit mentioned above is the Holy Spirit, means God Himself. And it says that the Spirit led Jesus to be tempted by the devil. Means, God can never tempt anyone but only the devil will do so. But each person was allowed by God to be tempted by the devil.

What is “temptation”? Let us see carefully what does it means about “TEMPTATION”. It means – lure, attraction, pull, seduction or inducement. It is an act that cause a human to do something which they don’t want to do at that moment. In Christianity, the best word can be described for the TEMPTATION is TEST.

Why do God test us? There is a very good reason for why God test us. Look at Job’s life, he was tempted by the devil so that he will curse God. The devil tempt him to curse God even through his own wife after he had lost everything in his life except his life. Joseph was tempted by devil to lay with Pothipiar’s, his master’s wife. Daniel was tempted by the devil to stop praying to God, and his friends also was tempted to bow before the statue that was made by King Nebuchadnezzar. Yet, in all this temptation, these men of God, did not fail the test. They overcome the temptations and win their rewards.

As a result of the tests, Job received blessing from God in double portion of what he had lost. Joseph became the prime minister of Egypt, second to the king. Daniel and his friends was promoted and highly honored by the kings itself. The reason that we are being tempted is because God wants to bless us something greater and better than what we already have or don’t have yet.

Nothing comes for free. You have to pay the price to receive the blessings from God before you receive it. You must overcome all the temptations you face in your life in order to receive the blessing that God has for you. After Jesus overcome the temptations for 40 days and nights, He was able to serve God with a great anointing (Acts 10:38).

Temptations in life is not for the saints and Christ alone, but for all believers in Christ. Just as a student has to sat on exam to get good marks, so does Christians also must go through the test to receive the best blessings from God.
God allow you to be tempted is because….



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Rev. Jonathan Ezra



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