How To Overcome The Lust Of Flesh?

Galatians 5:16  I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.


How to overcome the lust of flesh? For that we need to recognize who we are first. We probably recognize that we are made of three parts –  body, soul and spirit.


  1. The Body is that aspect of our personality that enables us to relate to the physical/material world. Most people define their identity or who they are based on this perspective:

They describe themselves with such phrases as:

  1. I am black or white.
  2. I am tall or short.
  3. I am fat or thin.
  4. I am ugly / beautiful or handsome.

But this is not really you this is a part of you.

  1. The Soul is the part of our personality that connects or relates both to the material world through the body and to the spiritual world through our spirit. It consist of your intellect/mind (which is your thought process unit), your will (which is your decision making unit) and your emotions (is your expressive unit).

People who view themselves from this perspective describe themselves with such phrases as:

  1. I am sensitive person.
  2. I am stupid or intelligent person.
  3. I am dumb / bright person.
  4. I am sad / happy person.
  5. I am a fearful person.
  6. I am a forgetful person.

Again this is a part of you.


  1. The Spirit is the most tricky part of you. It is the part of you that enables you to relate to the Spirit world especially to God. It is the life of God in you. It is the image of God in you. Without the spirit, your body and soul will be dead. It is the aspects that differentiates us from the animals.


When we are born again it is in our spirit man we are born again. Not in the soul or body.

FOR EXAMPLE: Some of you have seen this small radios that can only operate in two bandwidths or range of frequencies, AM and FM. If set to AM you can only get certain stations that you will not get on FM and if you tune it to FM you can only get certain stations you will not get on AM. Our spirit is something like that. Some of us, our spirit is AM and others are set to FM.

  1. AM meaning Adamic Man => Such people cannot relate or feel or know the presence of God intimately. Your spirit is in agreement with your soul and body. No Conflict.
  2. FM means Forgiven Man => Such people can tune to God and your spirit is always in tune with the Spirit of God. And it is not in agreement with your body and the flesh (which is the principle of sin walking through your body and mind). This creates conflict.


Romans 8:16: The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

The Holy Spirit testifies with our spirit, means, both our spirit and Holy Spirit stands in agreement about our position as the children of God.  

Our Spirit has been transformed. So whether we walk by our spirit or by the Holy Spirit we will be walking in the Spirit because they are both in agreement. The Holy Spirit is present to identify us, to help our spirit by empowering it, guiding it, revealing to it the will of God. Simply the Holy Spirit is there to train our spirit.

For a Christian it is a matter of our thought life. Satan’s temptations / attacks are upon our thought life. Paul said the mind set on the flesh is death. The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace. Everything revolves around where we set our minds. If Satan can control our thought life he can control all our life. So daily we are in a battling in our thoughts, whether to please our flesh or the Spirit of God.

Therefore we need the help of Holy Spirit to overcome the lust of our flesh. Only when you surrender your flesh to the will of God, the Spirit of God will help you to overcome your struggles in flesh. Tune yourselves to be FM – FORGIVEN MAN.


Message by

Rev. Jonathan Ezra



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